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Custom designed rackets

Style up your Wilson

The most important piece of equipment for any player can now be personalized thanks to the famous racquet, balls and gear manufacturer.

Wilson Custom Rackets allows you to pick your own choice from a variety of options! Here is how it works.

You will need to pick a base model to work on. As there is still no option to send in your old racket, your personalized version has to be a new one – Wilson ProStaff (RF97 & 97)Wilson Blade, Wilson Burn or Wilson Ultra. Your preferred model can be painted in variety of color combinations available as well different finishes (matte, gloss, velvet, frozen)! Grip color can be customized in the next step, as well as our favorite part – the Wilson logo.

We are sharing our design inspiration with different models and price ranges, and hope you will enjoy matching your racket to your personal style. Both on and off the court.